Omnik provides both Solar Design and the Omnik Portal.
Each of them is indispensable in monitoring or in the correct design of your photovoltaic system.

Solar Design

Solar Design is mainly used to help customers design their own plant, choosing parameters such as photovoltaic modules to be used, angle of inclination, inverter and wiring. Depending on the options entered, the software automatically calculates the feasibility of the plant. It is also possible to print a report containing all the results of the developed project.
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Omnik Portal

The Omnik portal is useful for the management of its plants, both for End Users and for Distributors. It is also possible for users to develop their own web pages, to indicate the location of photovoltaic systems and to select information on inverters and solar panels.

The link to the Omnik Portal ia:

Controllo di garanzia

Portale per il controllo della garanzia.

È possibile ricercare la garanzia residua (in inglese) al seguente link: